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India - Serve Trust

Leena Lavanya has continued to lead a very extensive social and compassionate ministry in India that touches thousands of lives and has strong church support in the US. MBC as a home church for Leena has continued to support many specific project ministries including elderly women in crisis, orphans who are HIV positive, students learning IT skills and people suffering from leprosy. Missions Council has provided funding for many of these key ministries over the past decade.

Serve Trust Ministries are the result of the vision of Leena Lavanya in Andhrah Pradesh, India. She is its inspiration and leader. Besides working in surrounding communities and helping start and support small communities of faith, Leena has established an AIDS hospice, two schools, both in very poor areas, ministers to a colony of people suffering from leprosy, helps young women break the bond of prostitution by teaching them an alternative occupation, provides funding for teachers of illiterate children in slum villages, started a nursing home for old and abandoned widows - and the list goes on. Leena and the Serve Trust organization serve the very poorest and neglected people in her community.